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Taxes and Investing

In addition to being a financial advisor, Bob Hampton, is a Certified Public Accountant. His nearly four decades of diverse experience provide a unique perspective to the accounting needs of individuals and small- and medium-sized owner-managed businesses.

Bob has worked professionally with hundreds of individuals and dozens of business clients ranging from some of the largest financial services companies in the United States to small businesses that are literally a few weeks old. This range of experience allows him to approach business situations from a different angle. As a business owner, he has firsthand experience with the challenges that small businesses face. By dealing with some of the same issues that his clients face, he is able to relate to their concerns without losing sight of the big picture.


As a CPA, I understand the interplay between different types of investments and taxes. Over the years, I have seen clients follow strategies recommended by their investment advisor that, on paper, appeared to be a good choice when it comes time to the tax return it turns out that they had very unfortunate tax consequences. Not all investments are created equal. Some can produce very tax inefficient results in that any taxable income is taxed at higher ordinary rates. When constructed properly, the investor has a certain degree of flexibility over when (if ever) they recognize a taxable gain.  It is important to understand the tax ramifications of any potential investment because it can not only  affect your short-term results when it comes time to your tax return every April, but it also can have a long-term impact when you start looking to the estate planning aspects of taxes..

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