Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a charge for the first meeting?

No. This is a chance for us to get to know the other and decide if we want to work together. During the first meeting, we will review your current financial situation, your goals for the future. Naturally, we will discuss the services that Impart can provide, and the cost to provide them.

How are you paid?

Impart Financial is a fee only financial planner. We do not accept commissions or other payments from any investment providers. We feel that this helps eliminate any perception that our judgement is swayed based on our compensation. 

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Impart Financial acts on your behalf as a fiduciary. In layman’s terms, we are expected to place your interests above ours. We feel that being a fee-only financial planner best reflects this fiduciary responsibility.

Who will have control of my assets?

Physical custody of your investments will be the responsibility of TD Ameritrade Institutional, one of the largest financial services firms in North America. Having a trusted third party take on this task adds a layer of protection for you.