Financial Planning for Businesses


Over the years, Congress has eroded the tax “loopholes” available to business owners. One of the few still available revolves around employee benefits such as insurance, deferred compensation plans, and pension plans. Accordingly, developing a financial plan that focuses on the tax advantages of retirement plans and life insurance is an important issue for many businesses.

If you have a small or medium-sized company, your business may be the only significant asset you own. If this is the case, your effort and reputation are likely the major reasons for the business’s success, and you may be unable to sell the business for enough money to provide an appropriate retirement income. Developing a business financial plan that focuses on the key tax advantages of retirement plans and life insurance is an issue you should address as soon as possible.

In addition, when properly structured, retirement, deferred compensation, and other fringe benefit plans can help improve employee morale and retain key employees.

In the past, many of the more sophisticated pension options were only available to large corporations due to their complexity and high administrative costs. However, recent changes in the IRS code and advances in technology have opened up some of these pension solutions as viable and affordable options to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Sometimes a business owner needs a sounding board to help unravel a business problem or figure out the path for the future. That kind of help can take on a variety of forms, including business planning services and business valuation services.


Do you need a business plan for a new venture? Our input may be helpful to you. Although we can do the entire plan, it is most efficient from a fee standpoint for us to look at your plan and help develop the numbers, and well as offer constructive criticism on the verbiage.

Just need an objective business perspective on your plan? You many need to talk over an idea and benefit from the thoughts of a professional with over thirty years of accounting experience and dozens of small business clients.


How much is your business worth? The question is not just an issue for owners thinking of selling; it also needs consideration for other purposes such as estate planning. As someone who has not only worked on valuation projects with clients, but also served as a contributing author for PPC’s Guide to Business Valuations for several years, Bob Hampton has the experience and skills to value your business.


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